Tramontina Heritage

Tramontina began life as a Brazilian manufacturer in 1911

Our Heritage

In 1911 Valentin Tramontina settled into the small town of Carlos Barbosa in southern Brazil. He built a small wooden house and he and his wife, Elisa De Cecco, opened an iron mill in their home to make a living for themselves. Focused, dedicated, and hard-working, together they created a reputable operation in their town and were able to deliver a reliable product to the community.

In 1939 Valentin passed away and Elisa took on the challenge of leading the company on her own. She worked tirelessly to keep Tramontina running. She cared for her staff by ensuring wages were fairly distributed to all workers. This meant coming into work early, leaving late, and even selling door-to-door in the neighborhood. Her tireless spirit and strong leadership laid the foundation for what we pride ourselves on today.

After a decade of successfully heading the company, Elisa passed the role down to her son Ivo and his colleague Ruy J. Scomazzon. Together they brought Tramontina into the era of modern manufacturing.

Fast forward to 1986. Tramontina experienced extraordinary success in Brazil and sent team members to the USA to expand the company’s global presence. They arrived in Houston and began selling a small inventory of knives to retailers in the area.

Through the consistent delivery of quality products and excellent service, Tramontina built trust amongst Houston retailers and began to sell cookware alongside cutlery. We hired more U.S. team members and continued to grow rapidly through the 2000’s, building the incredible team and company that we are today.