The Culture of Creativity
at Tramontina USA

At Tramontina USA we are constantly striving to better our product and our brand. That’s why we’re always creating a wide variety of designs, processes and standards to serve you with excellence.

In order to meet the high standards for housewares products, we have developed an offering that meets our customers’ needs and provides innovative, premium quality products within the housewares market.

Tramontina products are available for purchase through the most prestigious U.S. stores, including leading national chains and local retailers. A broader line of Tramontina products can be found throughout all major online retailers.

Proud Domestic Manufacturing and Curated International Sourcing

From a long tradition in manufacturing started in 1911 by Italian immigrants to Brazil, Tramontina has become one of the largest global producers of housewares products with a modern and fully automated network of factories in Brazil.

In 2005, we successfully established cookware manufacturing in the United States, and are especially proud of our U.S. made products and our domestic workforce.

To support the network of our factories and the demand of our customers, Tramontina has also established a curated international sourcing for products and accessories to complement our product lines.

Of course the real winners from all of this are ultimately our consumers. Through listening, observing, analyzing and acting, Tramontina USA collaborates with its customers in order to bring the best product experience possible.